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I'm writing this list both for my blog, some friends, and my Experimental Film and Installation Design class. I've been asked by several people what blogs and sites I visit to do with the art world, and it's a very valid question. I'm constantly working, but I'm constantly consuming. It's hard to list a single influence since I consume so much on a daily basis. At least 40 livejournal posts skimmed, all the upcoming list of bogs read, several forums visited, and the odd random link in an email. It would be impossible to list everything, but here are some places I like to start if you're interested in internet, particularly on photography, and art. Like all blogs, the categories blur all the time, but I tried to sort them a bit.

Photoblogs - Primarily on art or the industry

  • Shoot The Blog - New on the scene, but actually getting paid for her work, Rachel has so far found some great stuff and pulled together some interesting posts. Check out that craigslist ad.

  • A Photo Editor - No longer masked, but still dishing out information on the photo industry from the rooftops of gotham, the batman of photoblogging is Rob Haggart.

  • A Visual Society - Another good industry insider blog.

  • Heather Morton, Art Buyer - Wednesdays is Ask An Art Buyer day at Heather's blog, and the candid discussion is something of use to any artist.

  • We Can’t Paint - Besides being one of the best named photo blogs out there, Noel has great rundowns of work I've never heard of very often.

  • The Sonic Blog - No, not about the fast food joint, this is an art and photography blog out of Germany. It's translated in each post, don't worry.

  • Zoum Zoum - This one is all in French, so I can't understand most of it, but the images selected are amazing.

  • pause | to begin | blog - These guys started a competition and now update with great discussions on photographic art, from aesthetics to animals.

  • On Shadow - If you're looking for great posts full of new thought and links, this is a good place to start as well. Similar to most of the blogs in this category, it sticks out because of it's solid layout as well.

  • Conscientious - One of the most well known blogs out there, it's probably a must read if you're going to read a blog at all.

  • Shane Lavalette - Another place to find a mix of featured work and a photographer's own great images.

  • Exposure Compensation - Miguel blogs on similar subjects to these others, but often seeming to come from a more academic or introductory standpoint, which is a good place to start for some people. There's a bit less of the meta-wanking I enjoy so much found in some of these other blogs.

  • Subjectify - With a name that makes me think every time I see it, even in comments on other blogs, this blogger writes mainly with a focus on contemporary portraiture.

  • i heart photograph - Probably the best place to find work on the net right now, your daily dose of awesome. Just my humble opinion.

  • Bitter Photographer - If the photo editor is Batman, this anonymous blog.. well, I don't know where to push the metaphor, but it's full of sarcasm and pretty damn funny at times. Like any anonymous internet presence (you know, 4chan.org, which got talked about on fox news as if they were terrorists, when they're a bunch of 12 year olds looking at porn... and somehow shaping the new aesthetic of the internet. I'll talk about that later) take it with a grain of salt, laugh or dismiss.

  • whats the jackanory ? - I love this blog's name too, and if you've seen wired lately you've seen this guy's work. The behind the scenes details he posts are refreshing.

  • Ground Glass - Lately Cara Phillips has been posting with a distinctly feminist and refreshing viewpoint. Her writing on issues still contemporary is really worth reading.

  • “DEAR LEADER” : Illic ego est, vestri deus quod dominum - You actually need a password to read this one, but getting one was less of a cloak and dagger affair than I had expected, unfortunately. It's worth it, I've been browsing for a couple hours now. Somewhere between cryptic and hilarious, his writing style is something I enjoy as much as the photographic work discussed. This is one for you lit majors, perhaps.

  • Success - This one just started, supposedly on the concept of success in contemporary photography. I'm waiting for it to start, really.

Photoblogs - Primarily on the individual artist and their work

  • alec soth - Alec hasn't updated for some time, but have a look through his archives, there's some good stuff from his personal life and on other photographers.

  • passport to trespass - Polaroid travels from someone from my hometown, who was probably there when I was, though we never met. I get dual nostalgia.

  • Boonville USA - He documents six towns named boonville, and it's good.

  • World Famous Photo Reporter - This girl is hilarious. Her work is great, pushing that new edge you find dan deacon and others on and her blog is worth it for the layout alone.

  • Digressions - Daniel Shea has a number of interesting photo projects going on, and you can keep up with them here.

  • Amy.Elkins.Photo - Another photographer who's work I really enjoy, mostly intimate portraiture.

  • Amy Stein - Amy could probably be in the other category, but I admit I'm a huge fan of her work and keep waiting to see more. She posts a lot of other people's work as well.

  • Organic Chemistry - Shawn was one of the first to feature my work, and that means a lot to me because his stuff is damn good as well.

  • T.A. - Tim has some amazing work and a great book out, and is always willing to discuss concepts in comments. Like he said, this isn't flickr.

  • Very Young Millionaire - Brad is your link to the chicago photokid awesome homeshow underground, and he's got a great website chock full of great stuff as well. Check out his Special series on his website, it's one of my favorite recent works by anyone.

  • Baby Sinead - Sinead is sharp as a tack and extremely nice, but she's also a porn star as well as an artists so you might not want to browse this one at work.

  • Dana Lauren Goldstein - I know dana from scad, and if you want an inside view on new york grit, she's your gal.

  • projectspace -Jason Lazarus. Check out his Self Portrait as an Artist series.

Photoblogs - Academic and Industry Blogs

  • SCAD Photography Department News - SCAD Photo department blog, Savannah edition. Not a bad thing to read for scad students.

  • Photo Awesome - The SCAD Atlanta photography department blog. Pretty much what you'd expect.

  • PDNedu - You can find any information about PDN stuff here, probably, and there tends to be some education related stuff and the odd featured artist.

  • TeachingPhoto - Not super exciting, but some contest updates and I'm still waiting for the second half of the grad school post.

  • Hallmark Institute of Photography HIPsters Blog - How the other half lives. Just kiddin, I went here, but they're probably all making a lot more money than me. I like to check and see what my fellow alumni are up to.

  • Ryan Brenizer's Amazon Blog - I had to include at least one tech/equipment/commercial blog and Ryan's is a good one (plus we had lunch in new york and he's a very nice guy to boot.

  • The CameraArts Blog - Industry news, contests, upcoming shows, etc.

  • Exposures - Aperture Foundation's blog. Not updated often, but some good content.

  • FJORD PHOTO Feed - A great place to find out about a huge variety of calls for entries (and check out the work on Fjord if you've somehow missed it)

Work - Often updated photo or multi-disciplinary artwork

  • VVORK - You want cutting edge shit? This is cutting edge shit, mostly sculptural installation, curated by badasses. Check out their sites as well.

  • Artblog - This is an artblog. Pretty self explanatory.

  • Art Fag City - Fresh hot review and commentary.

  • Anaba - Small blurbs and conversation on a variety of fine art pieces and shows.

  • Yay! Monday! - An eclectic collection of tomfoolery and top work, updated weekly.

Misc - Shit I check daily that's in my blog folder

  • PhotoshopDisasters - Self explanatory and awesome, you can't imagine what manages to get into international markets. Don't people look at the final proofs?

  • Dr Giraffe - I'm waiting for something insane to happen from this blog, so far it's a a graphic designer ranting at spam, but I don't really know much about him.

  • Kotaku - The Gamer’s Guide. I like videogames, sure, but I breeze through this often for the super awesome scoops on interactive content. I see stuff here I should be seeing in installations all the time.

I respect every single one of these people for you know, blogging. What blogs do you guys read all the time?

On video, I've selected a bunch of videos in my favorites. It's not all genius, but take a look at the Youtube POOP, the stock actor's response to a political ad (from the Hilary Clinton campaign), Showbeast, Willow Don't Cry, Freezes, and Peitin - Ice cube videos. This is the future, kids.

Another place I've seen some cool discussion was at this site www.artreview.com which I think is sort of new. The featured some of my work there and I spent a couple days posting in a thread on "What is Art." Most of the posters were painters, I think, and many of them never went to art school and have very little connection to the "art world," they simply create, sell, and survive off their art. I think much of the discussion is rehashed, the kind of things I know I've talked about in my art classes, but it's great to see it worked out through people who haven't had it pushed down their throats, and see that many of them come to the same conclusions as those of us who are just so damn classically trained.

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